Futian zhongka Racing commercial vehicle Plateau Peak Challenge strength to show the quality of national code

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As for automobiles, excellent product testing is the guarantee of the lifeline of enterprises, and also the only way to submit satisfactory answers to customers and the market. For autobots, every rigorous product test is a tough battle. They are contrarians born to "high", fighting with high temperature, plateau, high cold and other weather, in order to provide products more in line with market and customer needs.

From October 20 to 22, The China International Commercial vehicle Highland Summit Challenge was in full swing. Foton Aoling Hornet was reloaded and went out to battle in the high-altitude test arena. With foton Cummins super power and strong performance combustion track, with the strongest engine and extreme performance to meet the challenge!

4700 meters high Altitude Summit Challenge Ooling hornets show strong strength

It is reported that the commercial vehicle Plateau Peak Challenge is the cooperation between Commercial Automotive News and China Automotive Technology Research Center, using professional testing methods to test, through the division of each group, so that the participating enterprises in a fair situation to compete. The summit Challenge is also the industry's first test project by professional commercial vehicle media and professional testing agency cooperation, the authority is beyond doubt.

The highland Summit Challenge is located near the kunlun Mountain pass at an altitude of 4,700 meters. It is divided into four projects, which test the vehicle's power, braking, maneuverability and comfort respectively, and fully test the overall performance of the vehicle under the change of altitude and oxygen content. And Aoling hornet as aoling's new work, equipped with Foton Cummins engine, matching faist 8-gear transmission, under aoling quality management standards, 220PS large horsepower +820Nm large torque power foot performance is 30% better than similar products. In the commercial vehicle Highland Summit Challenge arena, The Auling Hornet unleashed the ultimate advantage brought by its Auling pedigree. Step on the accelerator immediately wake up the potential, with unmatched powerful power to ride the dust!

At the same time, Aoling Hornet adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy +800L high strength steel, 600L aluminum alloy double cavity large fuel tank, cold region start without worry, easy endurance of more than 3000 kilometers, the vehicle is equipped with a new brake management system, short response time, short braking distance; 11R22.5 vacuum tire, good heat dissipation, more wear resistance, overall improve vehicle handling, better adapt to a variety of extreme conditions.

The pursuit of natural test shows the quality of the national code

But this is not the first time that Foton Automobile participated in the test. In early 2019, Foton Ouhui BJ6127EVUA-2 new energy bus carried out the performance test in the extremely cold environment in Yakeshi Test Base in Hailar, Inner Mongolia, and successfully completed the vehicle low temperature start test, vehicle low temperature driving test, vehicle climbing test and other extremely cold test projects. Breaking the limitations of pure electric driving in the extremely cold environment, which marks a solid step forward for China's new energy bus; In August 2019, Mr Fukuda wisdom blue high "baked" new energy vehicles, pure electric Europe mark light trucks, electric mark card, pure electric Mr Profumo sweeper vehicles in good condition at high temperature, such as Mr Fukuda wisdom blue for new energy auto show strong high temperature adaptability and reliability, quality and performance has been fully validated; In September 2019, Foton automobile carried out tests in Golmud Plateau, fully combined with user conditions, the actual simulation of user operating conditions, the dynamic performance is still sufficient...

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