Special-Purpose Vehicles

Cement Pump

Reliable and steady pump system, huge amount of cement propelled, automated lubrication with reduced losses

Uses CAN bus with HBC remote control system. Compact and accurate control unit, allows pump to be controlled from a distance.

Capable of Using GPS positioning to diagnose break downs (optional), delivering helpful support to technicians.

Propel height capacity of Foton Pump trucks can reach 22-48 meters to meet the different needs of a variety of users.

Equipped with Cummins engine, Rexroth oil pump, ZF direction, Sachs clutch and Eaton gearbox.

Extra-low fuel consumption.

High reliability and durability. Low maintenance costs.

State of the art European design technology and Swedish Weldox high tensile steel applied through superior welding technology to create reliable and strong arms. Very front end positioning accuracy can reach 0.1-0.5m

  • Up-structure's parameters

    Boom length (m)22m37m45m
    Boom section numbers3Max4Max5Max
    delivery rate (m³/h)100 (m³/h)135/150 (m³/h)150 (m³/h)
    Delivery fuel consumption (L/m³)0.5~0.55 (L/m³)0.6~0.7 (L/m³)0.65~0.75 (L/m³)
    Hopper volume0.7m³0.7m³0.7m³
    Charging height (mm)1350 (mm)1410 (mm)1410 (mm)
  • Folding type

  • Driving type

  • Wheelbase (mm)

  • Rated power (kW)

  • Emission standard

    Euro ⅢEuro ⅢEuro Ⅲ

Concrete Mixer

High strength and wear-resistant steel is used in the mixing body and blade.

Dimensional mixing technology applied to guaranty optimal mixing results with minimal residuals left in the drum (<0.4%)

Large water tank paired with automatic hydraulic oil temperature control system

Tighter turning radius with higher ground clearance. Equipped with 13 ton class double-reduction gear and reinforced leaf spring suspension system with horizontal sway bar to ensure proper maneuverability and vehicle steadiness during transportation.

Driver's cab equal to European usability standards. Operating handles inside the cab allow the operator to discharge cement without getting outside.

High pressure Euro III common-rail engine withΦ430 clutch, plus 9 gears FAST transmission to ensure high efficiency.


Garbage Compactor

High performance Foton Truck chassis and first-class engine

Main parts and components formed using high strength steel to make vehicles lighter and last longer.

Container uses an optimized hyper-boloidal shell structure to ensure the vehicle is easy to clean.

Manual and electric control systems to ensure ease of operations and maintenance.

Hydraulic pressure system with modular design matches European standards.

Compactor and container employ special closure strip to prevent garbage spills.

Wide opening angle for smooth unloading operations. Water collector at the base prevents dirty liquid spills.

Independent in-cab operating handles ensure ease of operations within the cab.


Water Tanker

Front spray, rear sprinkle. Used for road cleaning and settle dust. Jet width from 14 to 18m in height, 360 degree adjustability.

The high pressure water sprayer can be used to spray grass, trees, flowers and other objects. It can be set to "drizzle, small rain, heavy rain and continuous spray." The strongest setting can reach over 30m and be used for fire fighting.

The pressured water aperture allows long pipes to spray water far away from the tank.

When the water distribution network is not available, the water pump can extract water from rivers or ponds.


Oil Tanker

The tank is welded automatically during one operation. The weld lines are thick and large. It has a neat exterior appearance.

The water tank's welding quality is controlled by X-ray monitoring and by two gas tests.

Double-pressurized-air-sealing inspections are made prior to finishing the tank.


Road Sweeper

Advanced design of hermetically sealed ducts, multi-layered vacuum blowing technology, state-of-the-art hydraulic system and powerful suction system which efficiently sucks small rocks, sand and heavy particles from the road.

Multiple water sprinkler design guarantees that street cleaning will not produce dust clouds, dirty water or other secondary pollution.

TV monitor eases operation of the vehicle when driving in reverse.

High-efficiency fan cooling system allows the engine to operate within the range of 1300-1400rpm. This substantially reduces fuel consumption costs.

The three speed hydraulic control and automatic anti-collision systems enhance the driver's ability to operate the vehicle easily and effectively.

The vehicle is equipped with a self-cleaning device.

Street cleaning is monitored by a LCD screen to ensure that the street surface is cleaned properly.

Optional devices such as snow shovels, snow brushes and other tools can be added based upon to the user's needs.


Fire truck

High flux compressed air foam system whose range extends beyond 300m. Additional high-pressure water sprinkler function already included. Easy single push button operation. Intelligent automatic control functions.

Vehicle is ergonomically designed. Strong chassis.

Ultra-lengthy service period guaranteed for the corrosion-resistant tank. Its large capacity allows it to store water, foam, dry powder and other fire fighting materials.

Smaller body size available to meet fire fighting situations that demand high maneuverability and flexibility.


Post Office Delivery Vehicle

Employs shock resistant, corrosion-resistant composite steel plates.

Excellent protection from rain, water and dust.

Optimized structure, beautiful appearance, multiple styles available, excellent durability.

Optional polyurethane foam for the inside and outside of the cargo body. Steel or aluminum plates used based upon customer preference.


Powder Tanker

Tank uses airbag-like M-shaped fluid bed. Simple structure. Easy to unload.

Independent storage compartment available. Can transport cement, flour and other powder materials. Unloading is quick and efficient. Large storage capacity.

Wide range of vehicle specifications available. Storage space from 28 to 60 cubic meters. Can readily meet the needs of different customers.



Heavy Off-Road Dump Truck

Ultra-large body. 12L, 420HP high torque engine. Can load up to 25 tons. Strong carrying capacity. Can operate continuously without a problem.

Uses ultra-strong chassis specifically designed for mine works. Highly reliable. Very efficient.