Service Concept

In Building Up the "Total Care" Service Brand,the Service Concept Comes First

In order to deepen its service contents, Foton Motor suggested its "Total Care" service brand in 2004, putting forward the service slogan "Full-range service for a worry-free whole journey", and setting up the service standard of "Three Full Services, Four Categories of Construction, Five Worry-free Aspects and Six Ways of Unification". Namely, by our largest calling center in the motor-dom of China and our 4500-odd service networks nationwide, we provide all-weather, all-aspect, full-range, standard, friendly, individualized and specialized services to our clients, and, by our uniform service philosophy, uniform service image,uniform service standard, uniform service flow, uniform service training, and uniform service fittings,we can let our clients really taste "Worry-free Service, Worry-free fittings, Worry-free Aid, Worry-free Love, and Worry-free Credibility".

Construct Internationally Topping Three Major Service
Platforms and Build Up Our Core Competitive Power

Foton Motor has made some achievements in the domestic service, yet, along with the speed-up of our internationalization, there is still a certain gap between the progress of our globalized service system and the Corporation's wants and needs. Recently, Foton Motor issued its 2020 Strategy,clarifying our long-term development target. To realize our goals for the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and 2020, and ensure Foton Motor's trade development, we must do great innovations in our service system. After investigation and analysis of numerous international automobile enterprises, Foton Motor put forward its grand project of "Building three major service platforms", namely, building a world-topping global center of distribution of fittings, a global service training center, and a global calling center. By the effective operation of the three major platforms, we shall develop our service into one of the core competitive powers of Foton Motor."

Global Distribution Center of Fittings

Foton Motor will build two major distribution centers of fittings in North China and Central China respectively, covering an area nearly 400 mu,with a total investment exceeding 1.5 billion Yuan,taking charge of Foton Motor's global storage and distribution of automobile fittings. The global distribution center of fittings is supported by the four major production bases,and, by its sub centers covering each province, it supplies fittings to all the network points nationwide. By using the high-rise stereo storehouse, modernized equipment, internationally topping warehousing management information system,bar code reading technology combined with the PDA mobile terminal, etc., Foton Motor's fitting supplying capacity will reach the international advanced stage.

Global Call Center

To meeting clients' requirements for product individualization and specialization,Foton Motor will take Beijing Call Center as the administrative center,set up sub call centers in terms of business category, upgrade the Central Call System,upgrade the business and functions of the call centers, improve the service level in all aspects, and expand the scope of calling business to all the products of the group company, so as to strengthen the management of clients' relationship. Foton Motor endeavors to build up a topping client-interacting center in the automobile industry, provide warm and considerate full-range service to the clients, offer timely and comprehensive value-added service of information to the company, so as to enhance the enterprise' competitive power.
We firmly believe, along with the establishment of the global distribution center of fittings, global service training center and global call center, Foton Motor's service quality will rise to a higher level, and our global clients will get better one-stop service.

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