Foton is selecting a mechanic to be a “polar hero” to assist scientific discovery in the Southern Polar region

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“Polar hero” – the selection process for a mechanic to represent Foton’s assistance in scientific discovery in the Southern Polar region – opened at the Beijing Service Training Center on August 16 2013. Li Feng, director of the planning department from CCTV Scientific Education Channel Program Production Center, and Zhao Jingguang, deputy secretary of Foton CPC, participated in the launch ceremony. According to the latest news, an Auman Tunland AUV, under the Foton brand, shall be the official vehicle for China’s South Polar Discovery Team’s 30th expedition. Foton will assign a mechanic to provide full professional services for “peak walking.” This is to ensure that the Auman Tunland is able to smoothly complete its scientific and exploratory tasks, and help to ensure harmonious relations between people, vehicles, and nature.

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