Foton joins the aerospace dream, forging a dedicated aerospace fleet team and contributing its high-quality science and technology expertise

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On July 5, Foton, China’s first commercial vehicle maker, Foton Daimler Automotive, and Fei Cheung Logistics company, long-term partner of China Aerospace, signed a strategic partnership agreement in Beijing. This agreement is to provide a solution for equipment transport for China’s manned space program. According to Zhao Jingguang, Foton news spokesman, the conclusion of this partnership signifies the wide recognition received by the development of Spacecraft Road Transport from “Shenzhou six” to “Shenzhou ten”, which Foton led. Meanwhile, in order to ensure that it completes the road transport element of China’s manned space program, Foton has already developed an integrated scheme for space transport. Foton’s Auman GTL will be mainly responsible for aerospace and aviation transport tasks, with its Tunland and Mongolian Peck providing fleet support solutions.

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