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Foton has experienced exponential growth since it was founded in 1996. It has been the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in terms of sales since 2009, and the top Chinese manufacturer of commercial vehicles since 2003.

Foton products are exported to more than 125 countries, where a fast-growing service network provides first-class sales and technical assistance to customers. Production lines have been established in 5 countries, while 10 addition lines are currently under construction.

By 2020, Foton is aiming to become one of the top 10 automobile manufacturers in the world by firmly establishing itself in five key developing countries (India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia), as well as establishing a strategic presence in North America, Europe and Japan.

To achieve these goals, Foton will focus not only on its sales volume but also becoming a model for research and innovation. It will become a major player in the development of the sustainable automobile industry. Foton is rapidly progressing towards its goals in three ways:

— By investing massively in R&D and renewable energies. There are currently 2,600 researchers working in Foton’s R&D and renewable energy development center. The center occupies 10,000 square meters and will soon be upgraded to 25,000 square meters. Hundreds of invention and design patents have already been issued. Of particular note, due to its low level of energy consumption, the AUV hybrid bus has become extremely popular with customers.
— By investing massively in renewable energies. (1) Conscious of the strain put on the country’s environment by its huge population and the demand for efficient means of transportation, China has already become the largest market for electric vehicles. (2) The technology gap with developed countries is easier to reduce than with classic combustion engines. This fact may prove to be vitally important as Foton enters Western and Japanese markets.
— By establishing strong partnerships and joint ventures with global leaders. Among other robust partnerships, Foton has established major joint ventures with Cummins and Daimler who are helping Foton improve vehicle design, vehicle security, engine design and energy efficiency.

Thanks in part to efforts noted above, Foton’s Tunland pickup, Aumark light-duty truck and Midi are fully capable of competing with their Western and Japanese counterparts; not only in terms of price, but in terms of quality.

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