Blistering Heat at Dakar Rally Abuses Foton’s Drivers and Trucks

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On the second day of the competition, Foton’s team emotionally experienced the severity of the Dakar Rally. The cooler weather a few days ago have become a distant memory to the scorching 30-plus degree heat, and combined with dangerous roads, are proving to be really challenging for both the drivers and the trucks. At this grim juncture, only a small minority of onlookers remained to observe the race.

Foton has two vehicles in the competition (truck #369 and truck #411, respectively), with the drivers of each having outstanding records in each’s respective South American car club. Despite this, immediately upon entering the competition, drivers were unluckily faced with extremely hot weather and atypical conditions. On January 5th, at the start of the race, truck #369’s transmission had complications and, as such, the drivers had made the decision to go back to camp to perform emergency repairs. After this temporary stop, the drivers of truck #369 continued along to the second stage of the rally.

On January 8th when truck #369 was immediately approaching the finish line at stage 4, a truck from the T4 team, also going at a high rate of speed, smashed into truck #369. Truck #369 skidded on the road for 10 meters, narrowly avoiding rocks, before coming to a complete stop. Fortunately, neither team was injured in the collision. The resulting collusion was, however, a blow to the Foton team, as #369 was totaled in the process. Foton has one remaining team still in the running, truck#411.


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